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2 Easy Ways to Distinguish Original and Fake iPhone Chargers

Apple is known for its high-priced products. Because it claims that their products are guaranteed authenticity 'exclusive' especially on their Smartphone aksrsori. But surely a naughty company and always taking advantage of popular products will not waste a golden opportunity to imitate other products for sale with cheaper haga, including accessory equipment for Apple iPhone Smartphone like charger.
In 2016 and then Apple once lay a lawsuit to Amazon for selling fake iPhone accessories. Such as adapters, cables etc. Accessories sold in Amazon are made by Mobile Star LLC and 50 other fake device manufacturers. These counterfeit accessories after being tested by Apple, they claim the product is not safe because it can cause excessive heat, short circuit and burning. Although the rogue companies continue to produce counterfeit or counterfeit goods, consumers do not have to worry because we have tips on how to distinguish genuine and fake iPhone accessories. so as not to imply the following ways to distinguish them:

1. Made For iPhone and Designed by Apple in California 

The first easy way to find out the authenticity of an iPhone accessory is through writing. Where Apple has 2 types of standard accessory production. production standards made directly by the company, and the standards by which they verify third party accessories.

Watch this logo Made for iPhone, if you find the Made for iPhone logo either in the earpod sold separately, battery charger, casing, dock or speakers can be sure the product is genuine. Note, however, that the original iPhone wire does not complete the "Made for iPhone" label, so if you find the label on the iPhone cable be sure that it is fake. The writing or label ("Designed by Apple in California" or "Assembled in China") and ("Assembled in Vietnam" or "Indústria Brasileira") are authentic codes that guarantee the authenticity of the included charger cable behind the plug.

2. Analyze and Differentiate Cables

The second way is to analyze the cable unjung and distinguish it through Lightning Port. Where the original iPhone Cable has gold stripes are smooth and not prominent. Metallic material is also smooth and does not feel rough like a fake version.

Not only that, the tip of the original Lightning Port cable is usually silver in color and has a shiny gold line, as with the fake version where the Lightning Port is black-colored. In addition we can also distinguish it by analyzing the thickness of the tip of the cable (white plastic material).

Where the original product must feel consistent, with a size of 7.7 mm x 12 mm, berbea with inconsistent false end wires and uneven thickness. To find out more you can see in the Apple Support Page.
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